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A Student Adult Nurse’s Experience in Mental Health 

In the last 2 weeks of my nursing home placement, I had the opportunity to spend a day at a mental health inpatient unit for elderly patients with dementia, and sit in on a Consultant Psychiatry clinic afternoon. The deputy manager of the home had asked if there was anything I wanted to do specifically since… Continue reading A Student Adult Nurse’s Experience in Mental Health 

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Midwifery – More than catching babies

The media seems to have a thing about painting the job of a midwife in a particular light... The midwife on screen is either eating cake, telling a woman to push, riding a bicycle, or having a cup of tea. They don't show you the relationships we build with women and families during pregnancy, the… Continue reading Midwifery – More than catching babies

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An Open Letter to the Student Parent

Dear Student Parent, I’m not writing this to try and paint us to be the group of students who have the hardest journey. Because, the more I speak to and get to know other students, I realise that each and every one of our journeys are hard. So hard. But we all have this one… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Student Parent

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Seeking help isn’t a failure – a reflection

Like many, my journey into nursing hasn’t been altogether straightforward. Ten years ago, I commenced a DipHE in adult nursing at Kings College London, eight years ago I dropped out in the midst of a grief induced depressive episode. Two and a half years ago I restarted my nursing education, this time the PGDip (adult)… Continue reading Seeking help isn’t a failure – a reflection

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Speaking out, placements and you

I know for certain that I’m not the only student that has gone out on placements who has had the horrible task of having to report bad practice. But knowing that doesn’t take away the stress that doing exactly that brings with it. To help with compartmentalising a situation I am going through at the… Continue reading Speaking out, placements and you


#HelloMyNameIs Day 2018

Today is international #HelloMyNameis day. In a celebration, I wanted to share with you the importance of always introducing yourself to patients.   How did the #hellomynameiscampaign start? With a wonderful called Doctor Kate Granger MBE, who had the misfortune of becoming a terminally ill cancer patient. Throughout her stay in hospital back in 2013 she… Continue reading #HelloMyNameIs Day 2018

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Management Placement Mantra

When I started my management placement I was understandably coming to terms with a lot of emotions. I was excited to get started with my career; anxious to make a good impression; nervous about proving how much I had learned; keen to keep learning even more… I was a bundle of contradictions, and for the… Continue reading Management Placement Mantra

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Collaboration on Self Care Tips

Everyone at The Student Nurse Project understands that at times it is hard to remain positive, to be motivated, especially with most of us struggling to put ourselves first. With self-care being a concept that’s being discussed over and over again on social media we thought it would be a great idea to get the… Continue reading Collaboration on Self Care Tips

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Stuck in the Middle as a Second Year Student Nurse

My second year of training has been tough, tougher than first year by a long shot. It's hard to explain why it's been so hard but I guess the main reason is that you're very much stuck in the middle. No longer the first year who's new to everything, the responsibility has become apparent and… Continue reading Stuck in the Middle as a Second Year Student Nurse

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Preceptorship Part 3- Experiences of Preceptorship.

When you’re looking for a NQN job or if you’re waiting to start a job you’ve already secured then there can be a certain level of anxiety about your upcoming preceptorship. I can certainly say that had a creeping level of uneasiness as I was waiting for my exam board & my NMC registration letter… Continue reading Preceptorship Part 3- Experiences of Preceptorship.