The StN Project

The Idea Behind The Student Nurse Project

Twitter banner2‘By coming together, The Student Nurse Project hopes to facilitate and encourage student nurses who go the extra mile, to keep doing so.

With a space to communicate and share common issues or innovations in practice, as well as sharing personal journeys and lessons learnt, The Student Nurse Project is led by student nurses, for student nurses.

The Student Nurse Project (TSNP) started off as the brainchild of Dann Gooding, an enthusiastic third year child nursing student at London Southbank University. By being an active student information officer within the Royal College of Nursing, as well as on Twitter, Dann was able to create a network of similar-minded student nurses from all over the U.K.

From a variety of branches of nursing practice, the network of students visibly demonstrated their passion for nursing in everything they wrote, spoke or tweeted about.

A collaboration was established; a network of like-minded people, creating a space where students are able to teach students, encouraging and empowering students to get more out of their studies. They can network the nursing landscape and find out more about other student journeys into nursing, as well as their potential future careers.’