In a world of nursing


In a world of nursing, it can be quite easy to get lost in your own negative thoughts. Especially the very first few months of nursing; these were the toughest for me. I had to get my head around timetables, Harvard referencing, revision and organising myself. I had my head down and tried to get by.

This, everyone, is how NOT to be! Lecturers at BCU made some very inspiring comments, I do not think they realised what they had said; but I took note. Their words combined have all motivated me. They made me see things differently and made me realise that I needed to change my thinking about everything. I want to share with you those words and hope to inspire you, yes YOU, reading this…. To be a better student and the future of our nursing.

  •  “Define a difficult patient?” “Is the patient REALLY difficult or is that how YOU see them?”  How many times do we think a patient is being ‘difficult?!’ Because they ring their bell every hour for minor things? Or they refuse to take their medication? This is OUR thinking not the patients’. Imagine being away from your family and ‘regular’ life and being put on a ward alone. Given a highly undignified gown to wear and told when we have to eat and drink. Our medications taken from us to be given by someone else standing over you. So let’s change the mindset from the word go. Have some empathy and remember no patient is a ‘difficult’ one. If you can take on this thinking, no patient will be ‘difficult’ and you will enjoy every moment of placement.
  • “Do you want to finish the 3 year degree and look back and regret not doing enough? Not making the most of university and enjoying it?’  My advice here is, make the most of every second at university as a student nurse. It is going to be a long 3 years if you do not enjoy this. I am now a student information officer for the RCN, student academic leader, hello my name is campaigner and I had an idea to create a new health magazine for BCU, so I went out there and got it! Do not regret anything in this life, own it.
  • “Just because you do not have a high IQ, does not mean you are not the best! In fact, what makes an IQ is simple: CP (curiosity) +PQ (passion) = IQ” Just because you are not the smartest student in the class does not mean you are not amazing and cannot be at the top! Believe in yourself.
  • “Do you want to be that 40% or 50% nurse? Do you only want to know half the knowledge when your patient asks you? Be HALF a nurse? No. Be better than that, you are better than that!” – “40% is the fail rate, if you are just scrapping by then there is a chance you will fail.”  YOU, yes YOU again, are amazing. Do not be the ‘half’ nurse that does not know about their patients condition or medication. You are so much better than that. Our future of nursing depends on you. Set a bar HIGH and smash it! I aim to pass with a first and I WILL get there. So will you! I have faith in you, all of you.

Our profession needs you so much. I am here to motivate you and make change. I will leave you with a very risky quote: “Do not be a turd, be a turd covered in glitter!”

 (Claire Carmichael – student nurse) 

2 thoughts on “In a world of nursing

  1. That’s some very sound advice there Claire. Very positive words that will inspire others to look at their approach towards their nursing degree to ensure a great end result. Just love your articles, they are always a very good read.

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