The StN Project

The Student Nurse Project – Why?

The idea for The Student Nurse Project came from an idea I had in late September 2017. I arrived home from a long day on placement and was working on an article with the Leader of @WeNurses, Teresa Chinn. I came in, sat next to my fiancée, Lucy, and talked about the idea around an ambitious project using Twitter as it is a great medium for development and building strong networks which would be used to support primarily Student Nurses and perhaps newly qualified nurses to. After this initial conversation I messaged some of the fantastic student nurses on twitter. Each one, I admire and look up to. It was from there that the idea of “The Student Nurse Project” took off. Along the way, we have had a few priceless additions join us and I am proud to say that we have a representative for each field of Nursing. So what exactly is the purpose of “The Student Nurse Project”?

The purpose of this project is;

  • To create a community consisting of an online space that will lead to our project being a port of Call and a valuable resource to assist student nurses in various stages of their study.
  • Give support and help answers questions and concerns as students progress through their training and into NQN-ship.

The way we will aim to do this is by encouraging students to embrace social media, taking a responsible but not abstinence approach and through the creation and constantly updating a hub of relevant information.

Social media should be used within our profession. We at “The Student Nurse Project” promote a ‘responsibility, not abstinence’ approach to the use of social media, working within the NMC Guidelines in order to promote the creation of networks, a safe space to ask questions and a place that promotes courage, confidence and growth for each individual student Nurse.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful team whom have already come up with some fantastic content for all to enjoy. Their enthusiasm and dedication to this project is infectious, their talent within nursing is obvious. Without them, this project would not have been possible.

I look forward to watching this project grow.

Thank you for reading,

(Dann Gooding – student nurse) 


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