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Fiction/Non-fiction book recommendations from the STNP team.

46C8FA7B-724E-47C7-A63F-ECF8E3A4BF2FNurse! Nurse! A student nurses story

A true first person account of Jimmy Fraziers’ time as a mature student nurse and all the different departments he encounters on placements. Funny and thought provoking.


AA6DED16-097B-4E47-899E-B0805348FDBDBlood, sweat and tea followed by More blood, more sweat and another cup of tea

Two books published from the Random Acts of Reality blog by ‘Tom Reynolds’ – the pseudonym of Brian Kellett – a nurse and emergency medical technician.


56839487-BEA2-4224-B0F1-71611CFB0620Sick Notes

Dr Tony Copperfield writes about the working life of a british GP. Perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to know what truly happens in a GP surgery.


41F95D22-EB3A-4EF9-A7F2-CDEA4070B831Confessions of a school nurse

Michael Alexander talks about working life in a boarding school, situated in the French Alps. A good insight into the role of a school nurse.



CB3CF099-7893-47E8-B3FE-2390CDF74CE6Emergency admissions, memoirs of an ambulance driver

Kit Wharton gives us an insight into the day to day job of a paramedic.



99DA70CF-3565-48A9-8466-62055C498AB8Nee Naw

Nee Naw takes you on a tour into the role of a ambulance dispatcher. From taking the first calls after a terrorist attack to delivering a baby over the phone, Suzi Brent describes her role with the perfect mix of emotions. You can read the archived Nee Naw blog by Suzi Brent here.


C755EB69-81F8-4B14-B009-98690759F200Where does it hurt?: What the Junior Doctor did next

Max Pemperton is in his second year of medicine, out of the wards and working on the streets in an outreach project. This is his account of working with patients dealing with drug and alcohol addictions.



What happens to your body when you leave it to medical science? Mary Roach is a journalist who has travelled the world to discover the answer to this question.


8901B4B6-C05E-46BC-A373-4C95423E4770Student nurse handbook

A great guide on how to get onto and how to survive a nursing degree. Suitable for any nursing student, this book covers a wide range of topics such as placements, dealing with stress and how to create a portfolio.


115F2832-261C-4EC2-96A7-B3E9767F17C4Still Alice

Still Alice is the moving story of a woman with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Still Alice has recently been made into a film starring Julianne Moore. Written by neurologist Lisa Genova.

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