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Recommendations for adult nursing

5EC3543C-8C90-4D46-AD6B-936CE19C42AF1. The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures 

This will be your bible throughout the 3 year course! If you only buy one book, definitely make it this one. There are student and professional editions, I (Toni) have the student one and it has helped me so much throughout first year.


72AC407A-3306-4FDB-AA4F-FBADC9799D0A2. A good a&p book. A lot of people recommend Ross & Wilson, others like Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology. Have a look at a few in the library to see which style you like before you buy one.



4A8DF082-A1E7-4D5F-A058-11DBAD45DFCC3. The Transforming Nursing Practice Series. These are a number of titles covering most things you will cover in assignments and explain things in a way that everybody can understand. I (Toni) have a few of these and would definitely recommend them.


E80A7311-DCB6-4523-B7C4-B59556EF5CC04. Care Planning: a guide for nurses




0FBE5059-9D00-4629-9696-6548AD9675E55. Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! This one is more specific to an area of nursing but is very useful if you are considering a career in critical care or you have a placement coming up. I (Abigail) would recommend this book and have found it useful myself through placements.


6767A046-AA9A-4F1D-9676-161B2B01E9716. Cite Them Right

A must have for referencing! This book contains numerous styles of referencing and covers everything you could ever wish to reference. There is a website but this is useful if you prefer books over websites.


CBC08069-C577-48E5-95B3-413AFE6C406F7. Transition into Nursing: Preparation for Practice 

Written by Bill Whitehead and Michelle Brown from UoD. Aimed at students in year 3, containing advice about the last year of university and going into your first position as a NQN.


60C88162-71DC-41A0-ACE5-D9FF4EDD655B8. The Student Nurse’s Guide to Successful Reflection

Written by Nicola Clarke from BCU, this book is easy to read and a great guide to student nurses on how to reflect effectively.



A4FDF524-E4C4-4FE5-8430-B184F083124C9. Calculation Skills for Nurses

Part of the Student Survival Skills series, I (Toni) have found this book really useful for learning the calculations involved in nursing. Easy to read and follow, the other books in the series are great as well.


0DA102FC-BD16-42F5-90E6-B5384D86F1AA10. Clinical Placements 

A pocket guide to provide information to student nurses around their first clinical placements. You can read STNP member Toni’s review here.


7328C1DA-01F0-4F5D-95C2-12F50911769011. Understanding Research for Nursing Students




0B143A62-A347-4FAA-978D-8DC7B6DD654C12. Nursing Law and Ethics

I (Toni) used this throughout year 1 and it really helped me to grasp what ethics was in regards to nursing.



EE352B37-63E9-4830-BAA4-EB5E06B75B9213. Ethics for Nursing and Healthcare Practice




F8D140BC-14B2-43CB-8BE6-7C1041354E7414. Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care: A Practical Guide

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