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Recommendations for child nursing

Recently I (Lucy Mason) was asked by a first-year nurse if I could recommend a drug calculation book for her and this made me think about what other books I would recommend to a first year starting their student nursing journey. (Please note, we are not endorsed by any publishing companies and I do not receive any payment for these recommendations). Obviously, there are other books for specific essays that you will be set, these are just a good starting point

General children’s nursing text books

1.F7FAFD79-C70D-4823-83A9-C8609919C99C The Great Ormond Street Hospital Manual of Children’s Nursing Practices
This book is a little bit like the Marsden but for children’s nursing, full of procedure and guidance.
5A88666F-F64F-4283-924D-886C541ACCF72. A Textbook of Children’s and Young Peoples Nursing
Many of us in our group think that this is practically our bible, it gives an excellent overview on so many subjects.


B78323CA-371F-43C3-AEE2-7DF1155374303. Practices in Children’s Nursing




7C277766-387B-4C8F-8ECE-EFD3E93F77FF4. Children and Young People’s Nursing. Principles for Practice




The next three are all pharmacology related. I don’t think I could have got through my exams without them!
DA54FEB4-81A5-4D0E-99AB-5B322286C3675. Essentials of Pharmacology for Nurses 




36B536DA-893C-4B41-8F84-D4C170DD54696. Nurses! Test yourself in Pharmacology




82DE67EF-2FC8-4785-A542-9A31F5F7EB4F7. Nursing Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy! 




Drug Calculations
DA2E1423-888A-4F43-A8B7-48DB7C54112C8. Passing Calculations Tests in Nursing. It’s simple to use and full of practice questions.

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