Guest blogs

Poetry in Nursing

Poetry within nursing can open so many doors to various individuals, it can encourage people to become nurses, help nurses reflect and open up about their personal experiences within care, but it can help patients who view our poetry understand us nurses really do care.
I was inspired to start writing poetry when I realised it was World Poetry Day in March, I sat down and thought, ah I’ll give it a go. Little did I know I had a talent.


I am Chloe, a 22 year old living within Redcar. I have a 3 year old daughter and was inspired to become a nurse to better our lives and to be a advocate and care for individuals in all aspects of health. I am a first year student at Teeside University and I am studying child nursing!
I was a children’s entertainer for a couple of years and thought I would progress into another child position but in a completely different aspect! I 
definitely made the right choice! 

Here are a couple of Chloe’s poems:



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