Guest blogs · International Nurses' Day

What is it like to be a Student Nurse in… Kenya?


Dorcas Jebiwot

Student Nurse



According to my training as a doing bachelor of nursing a degree course that takes four years in training..and one yr internship after doing the Nursing council of Kenya exams which is a national examination for licencing. In  our nursing training we do general nursing learning all aspects of nursing.According to my placement am in a private university under governmnent we pay ksh 60,000 per year. I am in my first yr second the first semester we did seven units:Biochemistry 1,Human anatomy 1,Medical physiology 1, Human health n Nutrition,Bible old testament survey and Communication skills. In  my second semester which am curently doing i do seven units:Fundamentals of Nursing practice 1,Medical physiology 2,Human anatomy 2,Biochemistry 2,Psychology and New Testament survey Bible. In  my university its a must to do Bible as a unit both New and Old Testament. My  dream job role is to specialize as a theatre nurse.

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