Guest blogs · International Nurses' Day

What is it like to be a Student Nurse in… Nigeria?


Jonathan Arowolo

Student Nurse




– What’s it like to be a student nurse in your country? Awesome! But just like anywhere else in the world, there are challenges. These challenges, to me, serves as a motivation to get the best out of school and be the change I want to see in the profession and nation at large.

– General Information about your training. Nursing training in Nigeria has two entry points. First is a General Nursing professional diploma course offered for 3 years while the other is the University training that runs for 5 years with a compulsory one year of internship training.

– Do you do general or adult or child? In the university system where I am, we are trained and certified in General Nursing, Midwifery and Public Health. Aside these, we are exposed to other specialty courses including Psychiatry, Opthalmology and otolaryngology

– How much time do you spend in placement? Placement or clinical postings as we refer to it here takes a considerably large part of our training. We spend around 6-8weeks on each clinical placement rounds.

– What did you learn in each year? Year 2- Medical and surgical cases.(Introduction) Years 3: Medical and Surgical cases (Concentrated) Year 4: Psychiatry Experience Midwifery Experience Year 5: Public Health / Community posting. Special postings ( ENT, RENALS, ophthalmology,..) –

– What modules do you do? Fundamental of Nursing Maternal and Child Health Public Health Nursing. Psychiatry/Mental Health Nursing

Dream job role? I’d love to be a Clinical Nurse specialist( Diabetes/cardiovascular Nursing) and a Nurse Educator. I am also Interested in Research and making impact in the public health space.

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