Guest blogs · International Nurses' Day

What is it like to be a Student Nurse in… Rwanda?


Jean d’Amour Turikumwe

Student Nurse




To be a student nurse in Rwanda it is not like something special happen because nurses are not mostly valuable, but to be a student nurse in Rwanda you have to be knowledgeable and qualified for it, it means you must pass your secondary school with high grade marks, and you might do a scientific option including biology and chemistry in your secondary school. There is no nursing school at secondary lever on at university lever. In Rwanda nursing study takes at least 3 years at university studying Nursing to be graded A1 diploma in nursing sciences (advanced diploma in nursing) or 4 years at university doing nursing to be graded as A0 nurse (Bachelor with honors in nursing science). Generally, it takes between 3 to 4 years doing Nursing study in University. In Rwanda we do General nursing but also there is also mental health nurses and midwives nurse at undergraduate level. We spend between 4 to 6 month every year in clinical placement. We do different module like; Anatomy and physiology, fundamentals of nursing, pathophysiology, pharmacology (general and specific), health assessment, health measurement and research, medical surgical nursing, normal and abnormal midwifery, pediatric nursing, tropical and communicable diseases, specialized nursing, mental health nursing, nursing management and leadership etc. Many dreams to became an academician, bedside nurses, and few dreams to become a policies maker


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