Guest blogs · International Nurses' Day

What its like to be a Student Nurse in… Saudi Arabia?


Nadia Al-Qarni

Newly Registered Nurse

Saudi Arabia


Nadia Al-Qarni studied at King Abdulaziz University. Being a student nurse in Saudi Arabia needs a lot of courage, determination and passion. This profession is not just only by a choice but also as a will to take the challenges we may face as we encounter how to deal with lives. It takes courage as we may witness how the life starts to a newly born baby and takes determination on how to prolong life to a terminally ill person. And takes too much passion as we are intended to care for people we dont even know. Being student nurse is just a pathway for the career i want it to be and preparation to help the people who are in need of my care. In my internships i trained in all departments , after that I choose to work in ICU adult. We are study general nursing 4 years in college and 5th year will be internships in whole departments.

– General Information about your training? Our training in Saudi Arabia will be in the last year of the nursing college stage. The duration of training is one full year. Every month in the different department. And we must to achieve competency goal. –

– How long is it? One year.

– Do you do general or adult or child? General nursing

– How much time do you spend in placement? One month 9hrs everyday

– What modules do you do?

1) Functional method or task allocation for assigning personal

2) Team method for assigning personal.

3) Patients allocation.

4) ward setting.

5) Primary method

– Dream job role? Working in Pediatric Emergency Room or PICU.

Was your training difficult?

Of course, we found it very difficult because society was strongly opposed to us. They used to receive nursing care from different nationalities, except for Saudi nationality. At work, we faced difficulties such as fear of failure or difficulty in accomplishing tasks.

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