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#HelloMyNameIs Day 2018

Today is international #HelloMyNameis day. In a celebration, I wanted to share with you the importance of always introducing yourself to patients.  

How did the #hellomynameiscampaign start? With a wonderful called Doctor Kate Granger MBE, who had the misfortune of becoming a terminally ill cancer patient. Throughout her stay in hospital back in 2013 she noticed that staff were not introducing themselves before delivering any care. How would you feel if you had a stranger come into your room and care for you? Not even introducing themselves? You had no idea what their name was, who they really were? But it’s ok, they have gained your consent to treatment.  

Kate was, rightly, very upset by this and her husband Chris Pointon told her ‘So get out and do something about it!’ And the #hellomynameis campaign was born  

Unfortunately, Doctor Granger passed away in 2016 but her heart and soul lives on in this campaign and in Chris Pointon. Chris continues to spread the message through social media, talks, ambassadors and presentations. Here is the wonderful Chris Pointon doing a TEDx talk in Edinburgh – April 2017: 

Chris is doing such an incredible job WORLDWIDE with this campaign, it is fantastic to see someone that is so passionate going out and changing the world. Today we hold a minute silence at 3.20pm in memory of Kate Granger, the time Chris and Kate had said their vows and also the time of her passing. She may be physically gone, but she still lives today in Chris and everyone behind this campaign. She left a piece of herself behind and she will be so proud of Chris looking down on him today.  

Here are some tips from Chris Pointon on how to get involved today and in the future:  

  • 3.20pm – hold a minute silence or round of applause – this is the time of Kates passing and also the time we said our vows to each other in 2005. 
  • Charity cake sale (Kate loved baking and raising money for charity) 
  • Name badges/new lanyards/card holders for all staff members with the logo on 
  • #hellomynameis event on the day with pictures and tweeting and merchandise on sale – 
  • Encourage people to buy Kate’s books – 
  • Stop and think about how you can make a difference 
  • Find out what else is going on locally in your area that you can integrate 
  • all ideas welcome…. 
  • Feel free to use this logo as well as the usual #hellomynameis artwork – oh and please share your pictures…. 
  • DONATE to the charities –  (Hello My Name is Website 2018) 


 Collated by Claire Carmichael (@C_Carmichael83)

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