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Our New Year message to you

Wow! 2018 has been a momentous year for the Student Nurse Project! We continue to reach new heights as a project and are breaking previously unbroken ground. None of this could have happened without the team members of the project past & present. I am so grateful to each and every one of them got their enthusiasm, dedication and sacrifice has helped us to get to where we are today!

When the project started, the decision was taken for us to be an apolitical organisation. However, StNP encourages its followers and its team to engage with every aspect of nursing and it is clear more than ever that this includes political views and opinions. Whilst we don’t often have an StNP viewpoint individuals will and political posts may be shared and commented on.

At the RCN Congress is 2018, there was this wonderful quote. It goes like this; “Nursing is literature, its poetry & nursing is politics. Nursing is a faith in humanity, Nursing is a faith & tolerance for every single human being regardless. Nursing is literature, it is philosophy, it is poetry & nursing is politics. Sympathy, Compassion, Empathy.” Ewout Van Sabben wrote a brilliant blog which can be found here, in which he talks about the need for nurses to be political beings.

Whilst we try not to promote any particular trade union over another – after all nurses/student nurses can be members of a few different unions, we do believe that nurses at every level should be actively engaged in politics. When decisions are made that effect healthcare workers, they should be welcomed and opinion valued. As the student nurse project are a collective group of students and NQNs, we may not always find it appropriate to comment on political posts as a group but we always encourage discussion.

2019 is a big year politically, with Brexit in our future, it will effect all of us working within healthcare. It is likely we will continue to see sharp falls in nursing coming from abroad, so short staffing will be more likely. We may seen medication shortages, the thought of which as a NQN, makes my skin crawl, to think we cannot give those in our care a potential life saving drug and who knows what other fall outs. Lord Nigel Crisp pointed out, during the launch of Nursing Now England, that nurses have the power to impact health. 23 million nurses around the world who can impact health globally.

I think in 2019 we will also see the continuing push of the #FundOurFuture campaign from the RCN. It would appear that politicians are listening to our voice, so let’s not stop now.

As a nurse, your voice carry’s weight and authority. It makes a different. By being there to support our colleagues, by being openly engaged with nursing politics on a local scale, and through the continual transformation of stereotypes with work from Nursing Now England, we can change nursing. Because when nursing changes for the better, the health of our communities change for the better.

Have a safe and Happy New Year,

The Student Nurse Project team!

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