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Third Year – The Final Year so far! – A Sort of Reflection

So it is January, wow 2019 is here. Soon enough we will be in the 20’s! 

So this year I will qualify and honestly I am in-between terrified and excited. 

 If you asked 20 year old me four years ago would you be typing a blog for Students. I would have ran a mile (that’s a lie, I didn’t run then). 

 It has been a strange few years to say the least. I think it’s important to network, and figure out this massive structure that is health care. I learned about professionals I hadn’t a clue existed! 

 It’s only now with nine months to go that I have realised how much this profession changes you. I began as a chatty person but probably not so confident. Being honest with you, I don’t think we are ever 100% confident in ourselves and that’s what makes us do the best we can and ensures we seek help from others.  

Thinking back to first year I just wanted to settle in, figure out what England and Southampton was like. Make friends catch up with current affairs (BREXIT!!! That’s a whole day’s worth of typing 😂). Soon enough I made lots of friends from all corners of The Geographical British Isles. Funny enough I began my story as Gobby Tommy, that hasn’t changed much.   

Second year came and things got tougher, a little bit more real and I just had a bit of bad luck with Placements and fixing them. This was the biggest blessing in disguise, I learned how to professionally address issues that can arise and cause a lot of complications.  

You know Jess on this too, we weren’t fond of each other at that point and now we are the best of pals. I kicked up a huge fuss, but she saw that I cared about change and enforcing everything we are thought. She is also the one who got me on here too.  

I have just been home to Ireland and am now back home in Southampton. Three weeks left of placement five out of six! I fought to be in Gynaecology after an error occurred that male student nurses shouldn’t be on the Gynae ward. But that took a push some conversations and wonderful people who wanted change. So that archaic policy was changed!  

I am currently on this placement it was intended to be my third placement and I spend a week of P3 in Gynae and loved it. But I have to say I loved Neuro Outpatients, you have to make the best of every situation. I learned so much. 

This placement has been amazing, the staff, the team, the support. It’s not an easy environment to work in but when you have those who honestly care. It makes everyone comfortable patients and staff. I was terrified to have a ten week placement and now that I only have three weeks left, I will be sad to go.  

When I started out in Nursing a lot of my fellow students panicked about placement. But that’s what it’s for to figure it all out, you are not the same person who starts by the end of it. We have seen life, death and even the in-between (you will be surprised at superstition). I love what we do. People say it must be difficult, but every moment, every story and every flicker of the human condition makes it all worthwhile.  

I dropped out of a Science Degree in Ireland and I loved it, but it wasn’t quite right. Two out of four years I left. I did a PLC (Assess Course) to ensure it was what I wanted. I have never been happier, obviously the odd occasion of homesickness, but this is now my second home. Will I be Southampton-Irish? That can be a thing! 

My advice to anybody about to start is that it is tough, it is hard, you will cry. But you will smile, laugh, stand in wonder and awe of things you didn’t think possible. It’s one of those moments that I realised I would never change the path that brought me here! 

If you have a problem, speak up, manners cost nothing and makes everything. If you want to read something read If by Rudyard Kipling— 

Tommy Tierney (@TommyTrny)

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