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‘Student Nurses’ perceptions of shift patterns’

This weeks Tweetchat is going to be a bit different. Myself and the rest of the #StNProject team are very excited about this and hope you will be too. Please read on as there are some instructions for you to follow on the night…

On Thursday 2nd May at 8pm we will be hosting a Tweetchat with Dr Chiara Dall’Ora, Research Fellow in Nursing Workforce at the University of Southampton. The theme of the chat is:

‘Student Nurses’ perceptions of shift patterns’

And what is so exciting about this chat? Well, the data from this Tweetchat contributed by Student Nurses will be used to inform a piece of research that the Nursing Workforce team at Southampton are working on. Pretty cool, huh? We will be focussing on your views and perceptions regarding 12 hour shifts in particular, as there is currently little evidence about Student Nurses’ preferences around shift patterns, and why. We obtained ethics approval for this from the University of Southampton Ethics Committee (ERGO Approval ID: 48131) and it’s important to note that we will not retain any personal data of participants when extracting, analysing, and reporting data.

Now as with all of our tweetchats, the whole of the #StNProject community are invited to participate and contribute to the discussion. However, we will only be able to use the tweets from Student Nurses as part of the research data collection process. Therefore, it is vital that you follow the following steps:

  • Introduce yourself when prompted by the ‘Welcome’ tweet at the start of the chat with your name, title (Student or otherwise), and location (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or other!).
  • If you are a Student Nurse, always include the hashtags #StNP12or8 AND #StNProject.
  • If you are not a Student Nurse, use only the #StNProject hashtag.

I’m unavailable on 2nd May at 8pm but would love to contribute to this, is this possible? Yes, yes it is. Due to the nature of this Tweetchat, we will be monitoring the #StNP12or8 hashtag for one month after the Tweetchat. This is to ensure that as many Student Nurses have their say and their views and perceptions are included in the research. So, if you are a Student Nurse and miss out, please do respond to the questions we put out and include the #StNP12or8 and #StNProject hashtags so that we can see your tweets.

The questions we will be asking are as follows:

  • As a student nurse, how often do you work 12 hour shifts on placement?
  • As a student nurse, do you have a say in your rota while on placement? To what extent do you have a say?
  • As a student nurse, what shifts and shift patterns do you prefer and why?
  •  As a student nurse, focusing on 12 hour shifts, what do you like about this type of shift?
  • As a student nurse, remaining focused on 12 hour shifts, what do you dislike about this type of shift?

If you don’t already, we’d suggest that you check out the following Twitter handles and give them a follow:

@ora_dall      @workforcesoton     @janeeball    @hsciences  @jesslsainsbury

We hope for as many of our community to be involved in this week’s chat, we can’t wait!

Jess & the rest of the #StNProject Team xoxo

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