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#FutureNurses pre-Tweetchat blog

So, we all read ‘that article’, the one where nurses and midwives alike were described as nothing more than the doctors handmaiden.  And we all watched in shock as Jessica Anderson was originally denied a world record because, unbelievably, her nurses uniform was not a ‘traditional’ dress.   

Yes, both authors of these articles offered apologies and attempted to reconcile with the incredible force that is #NurseTwitterBut, the sad fact is, the image is still there for us to battle with. 

This year, the NMC has set out new standards for #futurenurses (NMC 2018), based on stakeholder feedback, such as what the patient would like to see from their #futurenurses. This will mean, future nurses will be ‘prescriber ready’ upon registration; be able to perform in-depth assessments such as chest auscultation and be able to show proficiency in skills such as venepuncture.    

There are, already, nurses running private and NHS clinics, performing surgery and leading whole in-patient units. This new generation of nurses will be able to demonstrate a wide range of nursing expertise with skills which were once the exclusive responsibility of doctors. 

We are thrilled to have Stephen Prydderch, lecturer in nursing and programme lead for MSc non-surgical aesthetic medicine at Bangor University, join together with us for this tweetchat.  In a recent journal article published by Nurse Education Today, Stephen discussed the new NMC educational standards, and their implications for modern-day nurse education (Prydderch, 2019). 

These new standards will mean a massive shakeup in terms of how the taught elements and practical assessments are provided by universities. 

In this tweetchat we are also incredibly grateful that Sue West, Senior Nursing Education Advisor, from the NMC will be available to hear your questions and thoughts on this. 

So, this tweetchat is a little bit different, because as well as wanting to hear from all you lovely student nurses, we would also like to hear from lecturers, registered nurses and nurse associates.  We’ll be discussing some of these new methods of teaching.  How do you think universities will approach teaching and assessments?  How can they support students?  Do you think this is too much responsibility for a NQN? What are your worries, if any, about it?  And how do we get the word out and celebrate #whatnursesdo ? 

We want to hear from you all!!  Answering you on Thursday 18th July at 8pm will be me (Kayte) from @StNurseProject, Stephen Prydderch – @sbprydderch and @NMCNews 

Please remember to use #StNProject and #futurenurses in your tweets, or we won’t see them and we want to answer you and hear your views on this.    

Written by Kayte Powell, final year adult nursing student at Bangor University (@kayte83 on Twitter)


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