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A few of us in the #StNProject team are coming to the end of our student nurse journey, and we thought it would be a wonderful idea if we (and you) could document the journey via blogs, tweets, pictures, videos, you name it! But to make it easier for you to access your fellow final year student nurses, we have decided to resurrect the ‘Diary of A…’ hashtag but rather than use a particular year we thought it would be more inclusive to use ‘#DiaryOfAFinalYear’. As we all know, the routes into nursing are varied with courses of differing lengths and content and so using this hashtag, to us, feels like we’re involving as many of our community as possible.  


To kick it off, a few members of our team have created a video to let you know whereabouts they are in their final year as well as a brief summary below. 


Hello, my name is Rachael and I’m about to start my third and final year of adult nursing at the University of Plymouth! Having survived a full on second year, I feel ready to take on the challenge of year 3 and get qualified! However, I’m starting to get the dreaded imposter syndrome. What if I’m not good enough? What if I’ve just made it here by accident and I won’t be ready to be a nurse? To advocate for people? To be THE person that patients and families turn to? There’s definitely pressure to step up and do more, be more as a third year. But, then I tell myself that that’s completely natural. Thousands of people have done this before me, gotten to the same point and been incredible nurses. I will too. I’m sure this year will absolutely fly by, but I’m excited for my next placement which is oncology and where I hope to work once qualified. I’m also strangely looking forward to getting stuck into the academic challenges ahead; a service improvement idea, deteriorating patients in clinical skills and a research proposal. All new things to get our teeth stuck into, and lead us to becoming a registered nurse. July 2020, here I come! 


Hello , my name is Claire Carmichael and I am a third year adult nursing student. I have around 3 months left of university / placement life and I can’t wait to finish now. I start my management placement with the district nursing team on the 2nd of September, I then have my poster presentation on the 18th September and our AcpE (dissertation not called dissertation at BCU) due in October. My final placement finishes, and I will be signed off (hopefully) at the end of November! I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for this; I am so excited to get qualified and get stuck into it all. However, I am a little nervous and at the back of my mind there is still that ‘what if I fail something and don’t qualify’. Because it is quite possible, I might fail anything I have left now, I don’t want to fail at the last hurdle as I have come so far and done so well as of yet. Despite my fears, I am excited and ready to take on the last 3 months with my positive head on and fighting for those blues. I have had the best and most incredible 3 years (almost) of nursing so far and it has just been the best journey of my life.  


#HelloMyNameIs Jess Sainsbury, and I am a fourth year adult and mental health nursing student studying at the University of Southampton. Our Academic Year runs from September, so I will be qualifying in September 2020 – that date used to sound so far away, I really can’t believe how close it is now. I’m going to be honest, over the past couple of months I have been worrying about the transition from student to newly qualified nurse. And it’s a bit odd because it’s not because of my ability to nurse, I know the real learning starts once you get your pin, it’s to do with the fact that I’m worried about losing the momentum I’ve built as a student. I don’t do things by halves and I’m worried that when I start work I will be unable to do all of my ‘Save the NHS/ the world/ healthcare’ activities. Luckily for me, I have a fantastic support network who have been listening to my concerns and helping me find my niche and my path for at least the very start of my journey as a qualified nurse. I’m hoping to have my NQN role confirmed by the end of 2019 so that I can fully concentrate on the obstacles that final year throws at me – I will keep you posted on how that goes.  


Hi! I’m Sam Turner and I’ve just started my third year at Manchester Metropolitan University, I’m studying Adult nursing and finish in September 2020. I’m really excited to get started on third year and I’m already thinking of subjects for my dissertation (I reckon it’ll likely be around politics in public health). I’ve had a bumpy start to third year as I wasn’t sure I’d make it! I failed my Drug Calculation exam where we need 100% to pass, I was gutted to say the least but I resat and passed! These sort of things definitely knock it out of you and I was genuinely worried I’d be unable to carry on. I’m looking forward to all sorts on the course this year, we get our AiMS certification at MMU in year 3 which is a great thing to show on top of all the other activities we do! I am worried if I’m ready to be responsible for multiple patients though, it’s a scary thought being the one person managing multiple unwell people. I have a job waiting for me when I qualify and I’d hate to let people down by not finishing, but it’s also something to spur me on, it helps me focus on my goal. Looking back though, I’m glad I went to university and I’m glad I chose nursing, it’s opened up and broadened a passion in health, I can’t wait to be an NQN, but there’s plenty of work to do first!  


Hi, I’m Clare – I’m a final year Mental Health student at Sheffield Hallam – it’s been a long journey for me – I started a nursing degree in Sept 1995 in Oxford and had to leave at the end of my second year due to a diagnosis of epilepsy. After a 20 year career, a marriage and 4 kids I finally went back to finish what I started. And now the end is in sight. I didn’t get the second year blues but I did find the start of third year overwhelming – I’m a March cohort so I’ve got through it now – I think it felt quite surreal that I was nearing the end and I had full on imposter syndrome and a total crisis of confidence.  Speaking to people through twitter, reflecting back on how much I have achieved and taking it one step at a time has got me through. I now have three assignments, a management placement and a final spoke between me and registration. I’m in the process of applying for jobs and in 6 months time I will finally be able to write the word Nurse in that box that says occupation. That will be a proud and emotional moment for me.  Where ever you are in your journey keep going, this career is so much more than I expected and hoped, be kind to yourself and others and keep sharing your experiences because there is always someone who can help you or who may need you! This truly has been a journey of a lifetime for me and although I’ll be sad for it to end I can’t wait for the next adventure.  


Team StNP would love it if you join us in documenting your journey as a final year student nurse by using the #DiaryOfAFinalYear – we will look out for them and retweet too! 



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