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STNp – Letters To The Lonely

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, our main concern was people’s mental health whilst in social isolation or maybe feeling very anxious around this time right now. We wanted to set up a scheme to help those who may be feeling very isolated and lonely right now and keep those spirits high during such a tough time. We are asking for people to get out their pens and paper’s and start writing letters to the lonely. We would love you to get involved if you can to not only help someone else, but to keep you going too.

If you would like to sign up to write letters please fill in the form here: Online form here

If you would like to receive these letters please fill out this form: Online form here

Here are a list of our FAQ’s you may be asking about it all:

Student Nurse Project Letters to the Lonely – FAQs

Last Updated 19th March 2020


Why have you started this?

As a community we know that people want to help but don’t know how.  Writing a letter is a simple act that will give you something to do that is great for your mental health and will give a lonely person, who may have to be in isolation for a long time,  a welcome contact with the outside world .


What do I write?

Whatever you like, you may want to share a recipe, a photo of your pet, a story or a poem, draw a picture or send a photo.  Whatever you do try and keep it positive and upbeat


I know someone who would love to receive a letter but they don’t have email is that ok?

Absolutely – these letters are all through the post and where possible we encourage them to be handwritten.  All we need is a name and address and some ideas on what they are interested in.  If you are completing the form for someone other than  you then you MUST get their explicit consent to share their details with us.


Will I get a letter back?

We haven’t asked for addresses for writers, how much personal information you choose to share is up to you.  If you do send your address then you might or might not receive a letter back.  We would encourage you to keep writing even if you don’t hear back.  Many of the people you are writing to may not have access to a postbox, stamps or know what to say but your letters will be welcome.


Is the post still running?

As far as we know the postal service is still up and running although please appreciate there may be delays – you can keep up to date here


I signed up to receive a letter but haven’t had one?

Please allow 14 days to receive your letter – if you haven’t heard in this time then please email us and we will try and find out what is happening


What happens to my data?

Please see our privacy policy here


I don’t want to receive letters anymore what do I do?

Once we have matched you to your writer/receiver then the content of letters are between the two of you.  Nurses and Students should maintain professional standards.  If you want the letters to stop we suggest you let them know you don’t need the letters anymore and they can then request a new partner.  If you aren’t able to do so then please get in touch

How many people can I write too?

We will only initially match you to one person.  This shouldn’t become a burden or cause any issues and we want the letters to be personal and special which we think will be easier with just one person


Is there any funding for postage?

At present this is an entirely voluntary project and we don’t have any funding to help you pay for stamps.  It may be something we look at in the future


I am worried about the person I am writing to what shall I do?

Please follow usual safeguarding procedures or signpost to reputable organisations such as the Trussell Trust or Age UK.  Whilst you may on occasion want to send homemade gifts such as a card or craft object please do not send money, food parcels or anything of a high value, that is not the purpose of this project.


I don’t like the person who is writing to me and the content of their letters doesn’t interest me what can I do?

We hope that this is never the case but if you have any issues then please get in touch

Please read our privacy Policy here: Privacy Policy


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