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The importance of peer support

Peer support, it’s not a completely new idea. The concept of creating a safe environment, be it physical or virtual, where people feel able to share their feelings and experiences.  The very act of being around, or reaching out to people who have shared similar experiences is in itself healing and can lead to empowerment. … Continue reading The importance of peer support

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Student Nurse Mental Health Awareness Day

My husband and I were married nearly 17 years ago and had our reception at a National Trust property - I know, I know - what’s she babbling about and what does this have to do with the Mental Health of Student Nurses? Well the property in question is a mill - one that took… Continue reading Student Nurse Mental Health Awareness Day

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My Applicant Journey (From Access Course To University)

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for biology, medicine and people. My nine-year-old self aspired to be a neurosurgeon that moonlighted as a West End performer! However, as I grew up and discovered more about the nursing profession, the more my love for it grew. Nursing has a… Continue reading My Applicant Journey (From Access Course To University)