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Managing emotions at placement

Placements can be very emotionally draining, we’re often working with extremely unwell people, we may face violence and aggression, hold the hand of a person taking their last breath, tell a family impossibly difficult news and care for patients as their lives change forever. Although we are (student) nurses, we are also human, it’s natural… Continue reading Managing emotions at placement

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My first supernumerary weeks…

When we got the email asking us to pick a start date, I decided to take a whole two months off after qualifying. At first, I felt guilty for taking such a long break. But I have to say, I definitely don’t regret it. Taking that time to relax, reflect and revise notes from placement… Continue reading My first supernumerary weeks…

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Feeling Overwhelmed at the Start of Third Year?

Feeling Overwhelmed at the Start of Third Year?  Don’t worry, it’s very common! The good news is there’s some simple things you can do to help yourself.   Here’s a bit of my experience first: Five weeks ago, I started third year of my nursing degree. I was excited to get back to university and see… Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed at the Start of Third Year?

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So, You’re About to Start Your Nursing Degree…

So, you’re about to start your nursing degree and most-likely full of mixed emotions, questions and anxieties – well, I was anyway. I’m just going into my second year, studying adult nursing at the University of Plymouth and as I write this, it’s exactly one year since I was made an offer! I went through… Continue reading So, You’re About to Start Your Nursing Degree…

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An Open Letter to the Student Parent

Dear Student Parent, I’m not writing this to try and paint us to be the group of students who have the hardest journey. Because, the more I speak to and get to know other students, I realise that each and every one of our journeys are hard. So hard. But we all have this one… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Student Parent

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Collaboration on Self Care Tips

Everyone at The Student Nurse Project understands that at times it is hard to remain positive, to be motivated, especially with most of us struggling to put ourselves first. With self-care being a concept that’s being discussed over and over again on social media we thought it would be a great idea to get the… Continue reading Collaboration on Self Care Tips

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Dealing with emotions as a student nurse

This week has been a challenging week, I am out on placement which is a great experience but I have seen and heard some things that have challenged me emotionally and mentally. It’s brought back some memories of situations that I have been in myself, but now I’m on the other side looking in. Before… Continue reading Dealing with emotions as a student nurse

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Health conditions and nursing

Please be aware that this is very subjective and this does not objectively describe what other students may experience. So many people say to me “I don’t know how you do it!” when I explain to them what I have going on in my life. Truthfully, I don’t know either. Being a student nurse is… Continue reading Health conditions and nursing

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A student, a dad, a husband

I’ve written before about my concerns prior to starting my nursing degree with my children and of course my wife and whether it was financially viable. With the added pressures of childcare, school runs, clubs and my wife working shift work, it concerned me if I could be a student, but more importantly a dad… Continue reading A student, a dad, a husband

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When self care needs supplementing

Having talked a lot about self-care this week I’ve also been thinking about the fact that self-care sometimes isn’t the answer to everything. Sometimes eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and taking time for the things you enjoy either doesn’t happen or can’t happen because of the problems you are facing. This happened to me.… Continue reading When self care needs supplementing