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Dealing with Personal Adversity as a Student Nurse

I hate the term resilience. It’s a word that I think we overuse within nursing – how can we be more resilient? What does that even mean? Does it mean I’m supposed to ignore adversity, to stifle my emotions despite feeling like my world is falling apart, and just get on with it? Is that… Continue reading Dealing with Personal Adversity as a Student Nurse

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Easing the year two transition

In February, I celebrated being halfway through my degree. I had calculated on the train home from placement that day that I was exactly a year and a half in, and I had a year and a half to go. Where had that time gone? I felt elated, skipping home from placement, and even went… Continue reading Easing the year two transition

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The importance of peer support

Peer support, it’s not a completely new idea. The concept of creating a safe environment, be it physical or virtual, where people feel able to share their feelings and experiences.  The very act of being around, or reaching out to people who have shared similar experiences is in itself healing and can lead to empowerment. … Continue reading The importance of peer support

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Student Nurse Mental Health Awareness Day

My husband and I were married nearly 17 years ago and had our reception at a National Trust property - I know, I know - what’s she babbling about and what does this have to do with the Mental Health of Student Nurses? Well the property in question is a mill - one that took… Continue reading Student Nurse Mental Health Awareness Day

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My promise for 2019? To be more real.

Over the last twelve months of my student nursing career I think it’s fair to say I’ve achieved a fair bit. I started my second year volunteering for an RCN photoshoot for the ‘One of Us’ campaign and it all kinda snowballed from there. On a local level, at Uni, I flourished in the role… Continue reading My promise for 2019? To be more real.

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“Transformation through Mentorship” – PreChat guest blog

During this partnership between Phi Mu Chapter of Sigma and The Student Nurse Project, I’d like to share with everyone President Tigges’ Call to Action: Connect, Collaborate and Catalyse. These link so beautifully with some of the NHS Horizons  30-day challenges and with this partnership in which we plan to host a series of tweet chats,… Continue reading “Transformation through Mentorship” – PreChat guest blog

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24 Days of Balance

Placement to get to, presents to buy, assignments to finish, exams to revise for, kids to look after, care plans to write, family time needed, lights to put up, trees to decorate, literature to read, bank shifts to do, wrapping paper to buy, lectures to attend, risk assessments to start, medication exams every week and… Continue reading 24 Days of Balance

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Managing emotions at placement

Placements can be very emotionally draining, we’re often working with extremely unwell people, we may face violence and aggression, hold the hand of a person taking their last breath, tell a family impossibly difficult news and care for patients as their lives change forever. Although we are (student) nurses, we are also human, it’s natural… Continue reading Managing emotions at placement

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My first supernumerary weeks…

When we got the email asking us to pick a start date, I decided to take a whole two months off after qualifying. At first, I felt guilty for taking such a long break. But I have to say, I definitely don’t regret it. Taking that time to relax, reflect and revise notes from placement… Continue reading My first supernumerary weeks…