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Third Year – The Final Year so far! – A Sort of Reflection

So it is January, wow 2019 is here. Soon enough we will be in the 20’s!  So this year I will qualify and honestly I am in-between terrified and excited.   If you asked 20 year old me four years ago would you be typing a blog for Students. I would have ran a mile (that’s… Continue reading Third Year – The Final Year so far! – A Sort of Reflection

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Recommendations for child nursing

Recently I (Lucy Mason) was asked by a first-year nurse if I could recommend a drug calculation book for her and this made me think about what other books I would recommend to a first year starting their student nursing journey. (Please note, we are not endorsed by any publishing companies and I do not… Continue reading Recommendations for child nursing

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Recommendations for MH nursing

1. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: The craft of caring     2. Assessment and Decision Making in Mental Health Nursing     3. Physical Health and Well-Being in Mental Health Nursing      4. The Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing: Principles And Practice     5. MHA Code Of Practice       6. Fundamentals… Continue reading Recommendations for MH nursing

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Recommendations for adult nursing

1. The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures  This will be your bible throughout the 3 year course! If you only buy one book, definitely make it this one. There are student and professional editions, I (Toni) have the student one and it has helped me so much throughout first year.   2. A… Continue reading Recommendations for adult nursing

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Other recommendations

Fiction/Non-fiction book recommendations from the STNP team. Nurse! Nurse! A student nurses story A true first person account of Jimmy Fraziers' time as a mature student nurse and all the different departments he encounters on placements. Funny and thought provoking.   Blood, sweat and tea followed by More blood, more sweat and another cup of… Continue reading Other recommendations

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The importance of speaking up

As a student nurse, you are the eyes and ears of so many different placement settings. Each area you will go, you will see good and bad practice. It is important to speak up, in a professional way. Nonetheless, if you do not feel comfortable in talking to that person (committing the bad practice), go… Continue reading The importance of speaking up

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Don’t believe in failure; Believe in setbacks

MINDSET.  University, much like life, is a learning curve of progression. The whole point is to go from level to level, and when you encounter a setback along the way – you work around it. Setbacks are inevitable. They are going to happen. But utilised in the right way, a setback can become the platform to your greatest comeback. I became a student nurse in February 2017 as a mature… Continue reading Don’t believe in failure; Believe in setbacks