Get Involved

At the Student Nurse Project, we are always wanting to interact with Nursing Students and Newly Qualified Nurses. We know from a paper by Price et al. (2018) stated that “students find the use of social media an engaging and informative approach to learning.  Another piece of research from Tower et al. (2015) looked at utilising social media as a means of addressing ‘sophomore slump’ (an equivalent to the UK’s second-year slump), in second year nursing students. During their qualitative study, Tower et al. (2015) suggest that a contributing factor to the current shortfall in the nursing workforce is the high attrition rate of students from nursing programmes. The results of their study suggest students share mastery experiences, provide modelling experiences, and used verbal persuasion to reframe problems via Facebook indicating it helped build students’ self-efficacy, and alleviated some of the physiological response associated with stress (Tower et al., 2015).

So what?

Well, the Student Nurse Project is an online supportive community where nursing students and newly qualified nurses can come together with other peers from around the globe to support each other as well as discuss current nursing issues as well as provide all with a platform in which questions can be asked to an ever growing audience.

At the Student Nurse Project, we have a number of ways to get involved. You can find our Tweetchats here,  guidelines of submitting blogs here, and you can contact us to find out about joining our team through the “Contact Us” form here.