International Nurses’ Day 2018

During International Nurses’ Day 2018 (12th May 2018), we will be releasing blogs from Student Nurses/ Newly Qualified Nurses from all over the world. These blogs will be released at 12pm their time, or if two/three double up in the same time zone, half an hour apart. The goal of this micro project is to look at what nursing is like for students across the globe.

When the nurses’ were approached, they were all given the same questions (expect for Guillaume who gave a reflection). The questions read;

  1. What’s it like to be a student nurse in your country?
  2. General Information about your training
  3. How long is it?
  4. Do you do general or adult or child?
  5. How much time do you spend in placement?
  6. What did you learn in each year?
  7. What modules do you do?
  8. Dream job role?

We at the Student Nurse Project would like to say a huge thank you to all those who took time to submit their blogs!

Happy International Nurses’ Day everyone

The Student Nurse Project Team

Ben Jenkins – Australia

Juan Martinez – Canada

Guillaume Regnier – France

Tara McCormack – Ireland

Sara Franzoso – Italy

Dorcas Jebiwot – Kenya

Jonathan Arowolo – Nigeria

Jean d’Amour Turikumwe – Rwanda

Nadia Al-Qarni – Saudi Arabia

Emily Roberts – Wales