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My promise for 2019? To be more real.

Over the last twelve months of my student nursing career I think it’s fair to say I’ve achieved a fair bit. I started my second year volunteering for an RCN photoshoot for the ‘One of Us’ campaign and it all kinda snowballed from there. On a local level, at Uni, I flourished in the role… Continue reading My promise for 2019? To be more real.

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Celebrations and Festivals

I consider myself to be a pretty enlightened human. I am accepting of almost every person and the choices that they make. I have my own thoughts and beliefs, but I try not to let these become a barrier to the way I make friendships or deal with patients. I have lived abroad, and I… Continue reading Celebrations and Festivals

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Managing emotions at placement

Placements can be very emotionally draining, we’re often working with extremely unwell people, we may face violence and aggression, hold the hand of a person taking their last breath, tell a family impossibly difficult news and care for patients as their lives change forever. Although we are (student) nurses, we are also human, it’s natural… Continue reading Managing emotions at placement

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Preparing for Placement

At present, clinical placements make up roughly 50% of a nursing degree. When I remember back to my first day, I was excited, anxious, scared, nervous, and a sense of disbelief in that “wow, I am actually here, real peoples’ lives. It was terrifying, but throughout my training, whilst those first day nerves remain at… Continue reading Preparing for Placement

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Anxieties of a new placement…why am I like this?

As a student nurse, I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity of many varied placements meaning I can explore a wealth of learning opportunities. Personally I have been so lucky with all my placements and had some fantastic mentors along the way which makes starting a new placement slightly easier. However, the dread… Continue reading Anxieties of a new placement…why am I like this?

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So, You’re About to Start Your Nursing Degree…

So, you’re about to start your nursing degree and most-likely full of mixed emotions, questions and anxieties – well, I was anyway. I’m just going into my second year, studying adult nursing at the University of Plymouth and as I write this, it’s exactly one year since I was made an offer! I went through… Continue reading So, You’re About to Start Your Nursing Degree…

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Dealing with emotions as a student nurse

This week has been a challenging week, I am out on placement which is a great experience but I have seen and heard some things that have challenged me emotionally and mentally. It’s brought back some memories of situations that I have been in myself, but now I’m on the other side looking in. Before… Continue reading Dealing with emotions as a student nurse

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Being a student nurse who happens to be gay – a personal perspective

Please be aware that this is very subjective and this does not objectively describe what other students may experience.     It is hard for me to imagine a life without being an out and proud gay man. After coming out at the young age of 15, overcoming prejudice and negativity in those early years to… Continue reading Being a student nurse who happens to be gay – a personal perspective

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The importance of speaking up

As a student nurse, you are the eyes and ears of so many different placement settings. Each area you will go, you will see good and bad practice. It is important to speak up, in a professional way. Nonetheless, if you do not feel comfortable in talking to that person (committing the bad practice), go… Continue reading The importance of speaking up