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Royal College of Nursing Congress

Although at STNP we are not affiliated with any trade unions, we did want to tell you about what happens at RCN congress because so many of us have found it such a valuable learning experience. Lots of people have never heard of RCN congress before, I certainly hadn’t until I started to become a… Continue reading Royal College of Nursing Congress


Being a student nurse who happens to be gay – a personal perspective

Please be aware that this is very subjective and this does not objectively describe what other students may experience.     It is hard for me to imagine a life without being an out and proud gay man. After coming out at the young age of 15, overcoming prejudice and negativity in those early years to… Continue reading Being a student nurse who happens to be gay – a personal perspective

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Students and the NHS Pay Offer

In recent times, the NHS Pay Offer has been released. We are not going to say how we think people should vote. However, we at StNP do feel that all healthcare workers should be politically active, just as Ewout’s blog describes. We feel that all staff should read through the offer and look at what… Continue reading Students and the NHS Pay Offer

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The importance of speaking up

As a student nurse, you are the eyes and ears of so many different placement settings. Each area you will go, you will see good and bad practice. It is important to speak up, in a professional way. Nonetheless, if you do not feel comfortable in talking to that person (committing the bad practice), go… Continue reading The importance of speaking up


In a world of nursing

In a world of nursing, it can be quite easy to get lost in your own negative thoughts. Especially the very first few months of nursing; these were the toughest for me. I had to get my head around timetables, Harvard referencing, revision and organising myself. I had my head down and tried to get by. This, everyone, is how NOT to be! Lecturers at BCU made… Continue reading In a world of nursing

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What is learning disability nursing?

Out of the four fields of nursing, learning disability nursing seems to one of mystery. The role and existence of learning disability nurses is still questioned frequently and our specialist skills are often overlooked. So, what is this enigma that we call learning disability nursing? There is no clear definition for learning disability nursing and… Continue reading What is learning disability nursing?