1. Someone who is referred to as a pioneer in a particular area of activity is one of the first people to be involved in it and develop it.Today’s throwback Thursday isn’t a “blog” but a new page on our website which essentially is a huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of The Student Nurse Project past. We have been planning this page for a while now, with this date in particular as a nod toward “Volunteers Week.”

When the idea of creating The Student Nurse Project first came to mind, I spoke with several prominent students to help get it off the ground. Each one bringing forward uniquely brilliant contributions. This page is about thanking and honouring those who have been and gone since The Student Nurse Project came into being. People gave the project what time they felt they could, some more than others, which is absolutely fine given everyone leads very different and busy lives.

Originally we had listed the names of all those who had come through the project, but we have decided to say a big thank you to all those involved.

The Student Nurse Project in its short existence feels like it has been a huge success. Whilst people leave for different reasons, often to concentrate on their own project or due to time constraints, we are so grateful for everyone. We genuinely hope that being a part of the project was a positive experience for all. Whilst the ambitions for the project may have shifted and changed, the core belief of support and enabling students remain the same. The Student Nurse Project is growing day by day. Month by month. We have become a platform for students to discuss, express and develop themselves. As long as Students take growth from the project, we will continue to support them.

Daniel Gooding