blank chat bannerEvery month The Student Nurse Project hosts a couple of tweet chats, discussing issues relevant to student and NQ nurses. If you have any topics you want to talk about, email us or drop us a message on our contact sheet.

What is a tweet chat?

A tweet chat is a themed conversation on twitter which is at a specific time and utilises a specific #, in our case we use #StNProject. To take part in the tweet chat, all you have to do is include the specific # in all your tweets. This allows others taking part or catching up later to see the tweets related to this chat.

Below is the current schedule for tweet chats, they will usually take place at 8pm and more will be added so keep your eyes peeled!

Upcoming Tweet Chats

  • ‘Wellness of the Nursing Workforce’ – @JessLSainsbury co-hosts this at 8pm on 20th February with @EBNursingBMJ.
  • ‘What can you do with a Nursing degree?’ – hosted by our very own @AbbyMHNurse and @paedsnurseBeth as part of #MakeItHappen March at 8pm on 11th March.
  • ‘The second year blues – transition from year 1 to year 2’ – hosted by our @PUNCrachpalmer as part of #MakeItHappen March at 8pm on 28th March.
  • ‘Nursing: An art or a science?’ – hosted by our @MannersOfMarple at 8pm on 9th April.